What's In A Name?

What’s in a Name?

“Kickstart,” “Bar-Ho,” “Stogie,” “Mister Wonderful,” “Moose” and “Buckshot” are all colorful names that provoke a visual. Many ways of complimenting the appearance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle exist and commissioning a hand lettered name on your bike is perhaps the simplest way of personalizing your scoot. Couples identify their bike and renew their commitment to each other with a lettered sentiment, and many phrases such as “Save the Ta Tas’,” evoke a laugh and elevate a cause. Others, such as “All Gave Some, Some Gave All” touch an emotional nerve, “Cherish the Magic” reminds us to seek gratitude this day and, “Smile, I’ll do the Rest” effectively gets a specific message across to the viewer. During the limited time that Letterfly the pinstripe and mural artist is at our store, you will have an opportunity to have a custom inscription created that will make the statement you want to get across to others and distinguish your scoot from the rest.
            Letterfly will serve our customers during the upcoming “Dude It Up” weekend and you are encouraged to come to the store and watch as Old School designs, flames, pictorials, inscriptions and artwork are created on the spot for you, as a dedication inspired, value added service